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Horse Bit Rental

We offer a Bit Rental Service on all bits, so you can be sure to find the perfect bit for your horse without spending hundreds of dollars!.

You must purchase the bit first then it will automatically go on rental, you can then choose to trial it or keep it. We will refund you the price of the bit minus the rental charge levied on returned bits. There is no rental charge on bits that are purchased.

If you require help in fitting or choosing the correct bit please contact us and our bit fitter will discuss the various options available. 

Rental Fees:

  • 30 Day Bit Rental at $20 per week for Neue Schule bits.
  • 30 Day Bit Rental at $10 per week for other bits.

Terms and Conditions:

It's the customer's responsibility to take care of the bit, please make sure that it's kept in good condition throughout the trial period and kept safe from theft or loss.

If you choose to return the bit it is recommended to use either a courier or registered mail as English Tack Shop cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the mail when being returned.

The 30 days trial period will start from the invoice date which is included, the return date will be stated on the letter also included and will be approximately 30 days after the invoice date.

Dates to which the bit should be returned may be subject to change if the day falls on a Statutory Holiday. If the bit is not returned by that date then the trial period will have ended and the bit will not be eligible for refund.

Returns and Cleaning:

Should you want to return the bit, please make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned using warm water only. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize all bits returned to us to kill any germs and bacteria.

Please fill out my online form. and we will contact you shortly.

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